Currently I’m…

Feeling: antsy (my grandparents are flying into town today & I can’t wait to see them)
Seeing: an absolutely gorgeous summer day outside
Hearing: the sounds of airplanes & my fan (it’s a hot one)
Cooking: crostini (bruschetta & tapenade)
Wanting: two little flys that snuck in the window to shoo
Drinking: ice water (again, it’s a hot one)
Reading: To Have and Have Not by Ernest Hemingway
Making: a list of links for tomorrow’s post
Loving: these sweat shorts from H&M

What does your “Currently I’m” look like?

Photo of The Greyhound | Hump Day Treat

The Greyhound | Hump Day Treat

I simply could not resist the perfectly pink grapefruits at the market this week. A favorite breakfast of mine is a piece of toast, half a grapefruit with a little honey, & a cup of tea. I figured I could stretch my luscious fruit find into a lovely cocktail as well.

The Greyhound is a breeze to put together & the fresh squeezed juice makes it feel oh-so Summer-y.

So let’s get to it! You’ll need…

  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 6 oz Grapefruit Juice (fresh squeezed please)
  • ½ oz Simple Syrup (Combine equal parts water & sugar, heat until dissolved. Keeps in the fridge for a week)
  • Jigger or other measuring device
  • Rocks glass filled with ice
  • Cocktail stirrer or spoon
  • Slices or wedges of grapefruit for garnish

Photo of Greyhound IngredientsRound up your ingredients.


Into your glass, pour in the vodka, grapefruit juice, & simple syrup.


Photo of Stir & Garnish Drink

Stir well until everything is combined. Pop a wedge of grapefruit on the rim to garnish & get to sipping!

What fruits do you go to for cocktail inspiration?



Weekly Dinner Menu 07.28.14

Image of weekly menu graphicHappy Monday Babes! I trust you all enjoyed your weekend (I sure did).

Here’s what I’m making this week.

Monday– Ravioli w/ Peas in a butter sauce

Because my boo’s family was in town this weekend, we didn’t have a chance to shop Sunday as we normally do. Since we’ll be shopping tonight, I’m making a quick & easy dinner. I’ll toss cooked, packaged cheese ravioli with peas & a few tablespoons of butter. Then top with grated parmesan & serve alongside a green salad. Simple & delicious.

Tuesday– Chicken Tikka Masala over rice

This slow cooker recipe is great. I like to serve it over jasmine rice with warm naan.

Wednesday– Chicken Caesar Wraps

My boo is all about wraps, so I’ll be rolling up some chicken, parmesan, & romaine topped with this dressing in a whole wheat wrap.

Thursday– Chicken Gyros w/ salad

I’ll make this recipe for the gyros & this recipe for the salad.

Friday– Chicken w/ rice & veg.

A classic go-to. I’ll season the chicken with poultry seasoning & serve it over rice pilaf with sautéed carrots & zucchini.

Saturday– Eat Out

Sunday– Beef Chili w/ Fritos

I’ll brown a pound of ground beef seasoned with salt & then drain the fat. Then I’ll sauté half an onion, 2 bell peppers, & a clove of garlic in a bit of olive oil. I’ll dump that into the slow cooker along with one can each pinto, kidney, black, & chili beans. 8 oz of tomato sauce & one diced jalapeño go in as well. To season, I’ll add ½ tsp ground oregano, ½ tbsp ground cumin, 1 tbsp chili powder, a tiny pinch of cayenne, & a pinch of salt. Check the seasoning half way through & adjust as needed. Cooked on low, this chili is perfection in 4 hours. I serve it up with sour cream, cheddar, & Fritos.

Weekly Dessert– Fudge Popsicles

An ice cream truck staple you can make at home!

What’s your favorite ice cream truck treat?


Bodacious Backpacks

With the school year looming, I thought backpacks were an apropos post topic. Plus I can’t hop on social media without seeing some babe toting a new pack. Personally, I only like a backpack for hiking or day trips. I feel naked without a bag on my arm & the straps don’t cut it. But some of these pieces are so alluring I may trade in my top handles for a backpack.

Let’s take a look at some fab options.

  1. Image of Bodacious BackpacksTory Burch Backpack – Ellen Tall $550 from Bloomingdale’s
  2. Sole Society ‘Nellie’ Studded Faux Leather Backpack $50 from Nordstrom
  3. O-Mighty Happy Meal Backpack $60 from Nasty Gal
  4. Chain Strap Zip-Front Backpack $33 from Forever 21
  5. Faux Leather Backpack $33 from Forever 21
  6. LA Hearts Crochet Applique Rucksack Backpack $40 from PacSun
  7. Make It Clear PVC Backpack $37 from Go Jane
  8. Herschel Supply Co. The Classis Backpack in Mauve $40 from Karmaloop
  9. Neff Daily Meow Backpack $31 from PacSun
  10. Topshop Fringed Suede Backpack $130 from Nordstrom
  11. With Love From CA 1 Strap Laser Cut Backpack $20 from PacSun
  12. Boxy Double Zipper Backpack $51 from Go Jane


Welcome Adventurers Sign
Design, Home

Welcome Adventurers Sign | DIY

Image of DIY graphicI’m sure you’ve already noticed that I’m a babe that loves festivities. Any reason to celebrate & decorate, and I’m on it!

Because my boo is returning home from his motorcycle trip (along with his family), I thought I’d share with you a sign I made to welcome them.

I’ve got a printable PDF for you (print & assembly instructions included) if you’d like to play along at home. Welcome Adventurers Sign Printable

So print out that transfer & get your smock on because it DIY time!

Photo of SuppliesHere’s what you need:

  • Kraft Paper
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Printed Transfer Text Papers
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • White Paint
  • Small Paint Brush(s)
  • Something to Hold the Paint
  • Paper Towels (prepare for the worst)
  • Scissors
  • Little Tassels (Optional)

Photo of Measuring the PaperLet’s start off by measuring out our sign. My Kraft Paper roll is 30″, which made the perfect length, so I cut my sign at 15″ high.


Close Up Photo of Penciling in the BackNext you’ll want to cover the back of your transfer text with pencil. I like to do this over newspaper for a softer surface.Photo of Penciling in the BackMake sure there’s graphite covering the back of all areas where there’s text.


Photo of Aligning the TransferNow, place the transfer texts on your sign & align them how you please. When you’re happy with the layout, gently tape down the transfer papers to the sign.

Close Up Photo of Tracing the TransferIn order to transfer the graphite from the back of the papers to the Kraft Paper sign, you have to trace over the text. I find it helps to use a colored pen for this so you can see where you’ve drawn.Photo of Lining Up the BaselineMake sure to use a straight edge for all the straight lines of the letters. Another helpful tip is to line up your straight edge with the bottom of all the letters & then do all the baselines at once, then do the same for the top.

Photo of Checking the TransferOnce you’ve finished going over all the letters, un-tape one side of the transfer paper & have a peek underneath to make sure all the necessary lines transferred. If you’re missing a line, make sure there’s graphite on that place on the paper, tape the paper back down & go over the spot again.


Photo of PaintWhen everything looks ok, it is time to paint! Plop out some white paint & get to work. I like to use a very small brush to get into all the small spaces on the letters. Also, adding a bit of water  to the paint helps to smoothly paint the outlines of the letters. This step is the most time-consuming, so crank up the tunes & zone out.

Close Up Photo of Painted SignKeep in mind, this isn’t something people will be up close & personal with. If you paint outside the lines a bit, it’s perfectly fine. From far away, it’ll still look swell. Just take your time with it.

Photo of Painted SignIf you’re opting out of the tassels, then give yourself a pat on the back because you’re finished! If you’d like to embellish the sign with tassels, take a break now while the paint dries & add the tassels later.


Photo of Laying Out Tassel AlignmentAlright my tassel-adders, let’s layout where we’d like our embellishments.

Photo of Cut SlitsNow cut two slits where each tassel will hang. This will create a loop you can thread your tassel onto.Photo of Back of Sign TasselsSlide the yarn through the loop you created on the back of the paper, & knot the ends of the yarn together.Close Up Photo of TasselHere’s how it should look from the front.Photo of Finished SignContinue on until all tassels are adorned & you’re ready to display your handiwork!

Photo of Finished Sign DisplayedI tacked my sign to a cork board in my dining nook (don’t judge the ginormous Jager), but this sign would be adorable anywhere you display it.

If you’ve followed along, let me know in the comments how it went for you!

What festivities get you jazzed to celebrate?

Classic Rocks Margarita

Classic Rocks Margaritas | Hump Day Treat

I don’t like to play favorites (yes, I do), but if I had to choose a fave cocktail, the margarita would be going home a winner. It’s got all the right elements, I think, a cocktail should bear. Not overly sweet, bright & refreshing, and, most importantly, it’s got a serious kick.

I’ve closed out the year with margaritas. I’ve celebrated a beautiful summer day with margaritas (& my even more beautiful BFF). I like margaritas so much, my first (legal) drink was a margarita from Chipotle. I’ll never forget that first taste of the perfection that is eating Mexican food & drinking tequila.

So babes, it would behoove you to have a good-sized lunch to soak up all the impending tequila, because tonight we’re having margaritas!

Here’s how it’s done.

  • 4 oz Lime Juice (fresh squeezed please)
  • 6 oz Silver Tequila
  • 2 tsp Orange Liqueur
  • 2 oz Simple Syrup (Combine equal parts water & sugar, heat until dissolved. Keeps in the fridge for a week)
  • Chilled rocks glass(s) filled with ice (I used a wine glass, use whatever glass you like, it’s your cocktail)
  • Jigger or other measuring device
  • Cocktail shaker filled with ice
  • Salt for rimming the glass
  • Slices or wedges of lime for garnish

Photo of Ingredients

Gather your arsenal.


Prep your glass(s) by rubbing the rim with a lime wedge then dipping the glass in salt. Then, fill your glass with ice.


Into the shaker, pour the lime juice, tequila, orange liqueur, & simple syrup (I missed the shot of the lime juice going in, forgive me).


Photo fo Finished Drink

Shake until chilled through. Then, strain into your prepared glass(s), garnish with lime, & drink up! This recipe makes 2 drinks, so share with a friend… or don’t 😉

What’s your fondest margarita moment?


Fashion, Personal

Hip Haul Hooray

Graphic of Hip Haul HoorayAnother rainy day, another shopping trip. I don’t know about you babes, but when the weather outside gets dim, I head indoors… to the mall. Thus was the case this weekend. My friend Bekah & I had planned to lay out & become bronzed babes this past Saturday, but when we awoke & saw the gloom outside, we reluctantly changed our plans.

We started off at a consignment shop downtown, then hit the boutique next door, and finally headed to a mall because I’m desperate to find a pair of funky bell bottoms. Unfortunately, the search for bells was futile as we got massively distracted by crop tops #summerproblems. Here’s a look at the pieces I was focused enough to purchase!

This Vespa Reversible Down Vest | on sale for $34 (originally $125; absurdly sweet deal) from Fera


This LA Hearts Bell Sleeve Pointelle Top | $25 from PacSun


These Bullhead Denim Co High Rise Skinniest Cerulean Tide Jeans | $49 from PacSun


This Chiffon Swing Cami (in neon coral & neon pink) | $10 ea. from Wet Seal


These Women’s Snakeskin-Print D’Orsay Flats | on sale for $15 (originally $27) from Old Navy

Where do you babes head when there’s poor weather?


Weekly Dinner Menu 07.21.14

Image of weekly menu graphicHappy Monday Babes!

My boo is still off on his motorcycle adventure (I’m ready for him to be back now), so again this week it’s some of this babe’s faves.

Here’s what I’m making!

Monday– Fettuccine in Tomato Cream Sauce

This sauce is so simple & flavorful. It’s becoming one of my go-to Meatless Monday dishes.

Tuesday– Carne Asada Nachos

I make this carne asada (but seared up in a pan because I’m grill-less) & then chop it into small pieces. Pre-heat your oven up to 425°. I’m very meticulous when it comes to nachos. On a foil-lined baking sheet, I lay out each chip in a single layer so each chip is thoroughly topped. Then I load up the toppings (I like black beans, sliced olives, & corn). I top the chips with a thin layer of mexican cheese blend, then the carne asada, & another layer of cheese. The nachos then go in the oven to let all that cheese get nice & melty (5-10 mins). While the nachos are in the over, I mash-up some avocado with a little salt & lime (you can make full-on guacamole if you please). When I take the nachos out of the over, I top them with cilantro, sour cream, & the avocado. I devour them immediately. This week’s Hump Day Treat is a margarita that would be a perfect pairing to wash down these nachos, so keep an eye out for Wednesday’s post!

Wednesday– Indian Spiced Chicken w/ rice & butternut squash

I’m going to marinate a boneless/ skinless chicken breast like these skewers & fry it up (over medium high heat) in a little olive oil until cooked through (make sure the breast reaches 165°). I’ll serve the chicken over rice with roasted butternut squash & top it all with some greek yogurt.

Thursday– Steak Salad w/ Cilantro Chimichurri

I’ll make this salad, but swap the parsley in the chimichurri for cilantro.

Friday– Chicken w/ roasted potatoes & carrots

Cut the potatoes & carrots into equal sized small pieces & toss them all in olive oil, salt, & pepper. Place the veg, in a single layer, on a baking sheet & roast at 475° until golden & caramelized, about 30 minutes. In the meantime, I’ll season my boneless/skinless chicken breast in poultry seasoning then pan fry in it a little olive oil over a medium high heat until cooked through (remember, it’s got to reach an internal temp of 165°).

Saturday– Eat Out

Sunday– Sausage Sandwich w/ salad

Sausage sandwiches are a staple for BBQs in my family. Because I don’t have a grill, I make my sausages in the oven. I simply wrap up a mild italian sausage in foil & roast at 425° for about 30 minutes. Then, I open up the foil & let the sausage brown up on top. I put my bun in at the same time to toast. I take out both the sausage & bun to let the sausage rest while I make the salad. I dress my sausage sandwich with a bit of mayo & serve it with the salad.

Weekly Dessert– Pound Cake with Berries & Whipped Cream

My mom (the Supreme Babe) would always take a helping hand from Sara Lee & buy the frozen pound cake & defrost it before dinner, so now I do the same. To balance out the store-bought, I whip up heavy cream & a little powdered sugar into fresh whipped cream. To assemble, place a slice of the cake on a plate, then top with berries (I’m opting for sliced strawberries) & the fresh whipped cream.

What are some of your go-to dinners?