Weekly Dinner Menu 08.04.14

Image of weekly menu graphic

Another weekend of playing hostess to out-of-town visitors has left me behind on my usual weekly to-do list. Better late than never right?

Here’s what’s cookin’ this week.


Monday– Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

I buy this pre-made tomato soup & grill up the sammies (Munster cheese on a fresh Pugliese bread) in my cast iron skillet.

Tuesday– Beef Chili w/ Fritos

I didn’t make this chili last week because I had visitors in from out-of-town so I’ll be slow cooking it this week.

I’ll brown a pound of ground beef seasoned with salt & then drain the fat. Then I’ll sauté half an onion, 2 bell peppers, & a clove of garlic in a bit of olive oil. I’ll dump that into the slow cooker along with one can each pinto, kidney, black, & chili beans. 8 oz of tomato sauce & one diced jalapeño go in as well. To season, I’ll add ½ tsp ground oregano, ½ tbsp ground cumin, 1 tbsp chili powder, a tiny pinch of cayenne, & a pinch of salt. Check the seasoning half way through & adjust as needed. Cooked on low, this chili is perfection in 4 hours. I serve it up with sour cream, cheddar, & Fritos.

Wednesday– Rotisserie Chicken w/ mash & salad

Taking a helping hand from the deli, I’ll cut up a rotisserie chicken & serve it simply with mashed potatoes & a green salad.

Thursday– Linguine w/ braised duck & salad

I over-ordered at dinner this weekend & am now left with a massive braised duck leg from my Osso Buco. I’ll re-heat the meat (& side vegetables) in its jus, shred it, and then serve it all over linguine with a green salad. If you don’t have any leftover Duck Osso Buco (which is most likely the case) you could make this duck ragu yourself.

Friday– Chicken Burritos w/ rice & beans

Friday night casual eating at its best. I’ll shred the rest of the rotisserie chicken, & use half for these burritos (the other half goes into Sunday’s casserole). Load up warm tortillas with chicken, rice, beans, cheese, grilled onion & peppers then top with salsa & sour cream. Fold up the beasts and get to munching.

Saturday– Eat Out

Sunday– Chicken Casserole

I’ll use the remaining shredded rotisserie chicken, combined with cooked rice, mixed veg, & a little condensed mushroom soup mixed with milk to bring it all together. Topped with french fried onions & baked at 325°, this casserole is ready when the top is golden brown & the guts are hot & creamy; about 30mins.

Weekly Dessert– Peaches & Cream

Dice up some peaches & top with fresh whipped cream & chopped pecans. If that’s too easy for you, here are 2 grilled peach desserts (& a salad) that look so delish.

What is your favorite way to dress up a store-bought rotisserie chicken?


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