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Goose Lake | Capture

I’ve been seriously missing the beach this year. Anchorage is a costal city, but there really isn’t a sand-meets-sea beach I can hit when I’m missing my beloved SoCal coast. Since it’s nice & gloomy today (booo), I thought I’d share the closest thing I’ve come to a beach this summer. I give you, Goose Lake!

Capture | Goose LakeIt really was a stellar alternative. I mean look at those mountains!

Where do you babes head when you need some sand & surf?


3 thoughts on “Goose Lake | Capture

  1. It’s pretty, but I’m with you…I’m from the East Coast and now living in landlocked Dallas, and I always miss the beach. I spent months working in SoCal and I miss it more than I miss home!

    • I’ve often wondered how residents of landlocked states can deal, but I’m learning that a lake is a fair alternative. Katy Perry was preaching the truth when she sang “you could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast” in California Gurls. (I can’t believe I just quoted Katy Perry…)

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