Rainy Day Treat

The gloomy weather here has joined forces with my cold to create a supreme need for snuggles & comfort. With my fuzzy socks adorning my feet, I set course for the kitchen to fulfill my need for something warm to sooth me.


I knew I wanted a hot drink. Coffee? Tea? I’d been drinking so much of both lately. Then I remembered I had a massive container of cocoa mix stashed away.




I grabbed my trusty coconut milk and  hunted down my bag of mallows.

I made the chocolatey goodness in my new favorite mug & topped it off with a heap of marshmallows.



Bundled up in one of my coziest sweaters, I sat on my balcony, listened to my audio book of Gone with the Wind, and enjoyed my warm chocolate treat.

When the gloom hits, what’s your pick-me-up?


What do you think, Babe?

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