Weekly Dinner Menu 08.18.14

Image of weekly menu graphic

Happy Monday Babes! I’m starting to feel like less of a sicko & more like a human everyday. I think this week’s menu should help bring up my mood as well.

Here’s what I’ve got cooking.

Monday– Bean Nachos

My boo is handling this dinner, which he aptly named “Nach-yo-promblem”. He’ll top tortilla chips with a kidney bean ragu, seasoned with oregano, cumin, & chili powder. Then sprinkle the chips with shredded cheddar and broil until melted. He’ll serve the ‘chos with sour cream.

Tuesday– Cobb Wedge

I received the september issue of Food Network Magazine last week & after thumbing through it, decided I had to make Geoffrey Zakarian’s Grilled Cobb Wedge

Wednesday– Brisket w/ roasted veg

I’ve been craving a savory roast all weekend, so I’ll be slow cooking my momma’s brisket. I’ll season a medium-sized beef brisket with salt & pepper, then place the meat fat side up into the slow cooker. Next, I’ll pour a 14oz can of crushed tomatoes over top, adding up to one 14oz can of tomato sauce as needed. Then, I’ll sprinkle one packet of Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix over the meat, cover, and cook on low for 6 hours. When finished cooking, allow the meat to rest on a board or platter before slicing & serving with roasted potatoes, carrots, & onions.

Thursday– Chicken Piccata w/ pasta & broccoli

The rich sauce of this Chicken Picacta is perfect over your favorite noodle. Angel Hair is a prime choice, but use whatever you’ve got!

Friday– Brisket Sandwiches w/ fries

I’ll take wednesday’s leftover brisket & make sandwiches with horseradish spread & spinach.

Saturday– Eat Out

Sunday– Buffalo Chicken Pizza w/ salad

This pizza recipe is an easy Sunday night dinner to throw together.

Weekly Dessert– Fruit Salad w/ whipped cream

I’ll chop up a peach, plum, pluot, & apple and toss them together. Served with whipped cream, this fruit salad makes a fresh summer dessert.

What are you cooking this week?


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