Party Time | Cinco de Mayo

Hola Babes! In anticipation of Cinco de Mayo, I’ve got some festive fiesta inspiration for you!

But first, a little history lesson.

Cinco de Mayo is a day to pay tribute to the Mexican army’s improbable victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The French army was well-equipped, had twice the man power, and had not been defeated in almost 50 years, but under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín, 4,000 Mexican soldiers defeated the French forces. As Time magazine remarked, “The Puebla victory came to symbolize unity and pride for what seemed like a Mexican David defeating a French Goliath.” Mexico did remain occupied by the French a year later, but the victory at Puebla helped establish a much-needed sense of national unity and patriotism.

In America today, due to typical over-commercialization and general stupidity, Cinco de Mayo is an excuse to buy (racist) fake mustaches from the party store and get bombed on tequila. I try to keep the core spirit of any holiday in mind when celebrating, so for Cinco de Mayo, I’ll be cooking up some authentic Mexican recipes and enjoying the sunshine with friends. No appropriation or inebriation for this babe.

If you’re interested in celebrando, here’s a look at some Cinco de Mayo food & fun:

Margarita | Barbacoa | Corn | Guacamole | Sorbet | Agua Fresca

Table | Gilded Piñata | Streamers | Planters | Wall Hanging | Cactus Piñata | Flowers

How will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

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St. Patrick’s Day Libations

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some festive cocktails to get your party started!

  1. Green Tea Mojito from The Kitchn
  2. Drunken Leprechaun & Pot-O-Gold from Real Housemoms
  3. Irish Car Bomb from bogerk
  4. St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail from Style Me Pretty
  5. Irish Flag Shot from DrinkedIn
  6. Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktails from Dine & Dish
  7. Guinness and Baileys Jello Shots from Brit + Co
  8. Green Apple Sangria from Made With HAPPY

Are you doing anything festive for St. Patty’s Day?

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Hump Day Treat | Halloween

Today’s Hump Day Treat is actually 5 treats!

I’ve got two cocktail recipes, two cocktail garnish, and a spooky set of  stemware; all perfect for your Halloween celebration.

  1. The Blackbeard from Honestly Yum
  2. Black Widow from DIY Network
  3. Eerie Eyeballs from Martha Stewart
  4. Spider Ice Cubes from Peppermint Creative
  5. Onyx Stemware from Z Gallerie

What will you be drinking this Halloween?

Birthday Cake Shot | HDT

Birthday Cake Shot | Hump Day Treat

This week, my college roommate, my sister, & my boo celebrate their birthdays! Happy Birthday Mary, Ashley, & Nic!

To honor some of my favorite babes, I thought I’d make a delicious, festive treat. This Birthday Cake Shot is a rich & decadent drink perfect for a 21 and over birthday celebration.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 oz Cake flavored Vodka
  • 1 oz Creme de Cacao or Chocolate Liqueur
  • 1 oz Half & Half
  • Whipped Cream for garnish
  • Honey or Frosting for rimming
  • Sprinkles for rimming
  • Shot glasses
  • Shaker filled with ice
  • Jigger or other measuring cup

IngredientsPrep your shot glass by dipping the top in honey/ frosting, then pushing the glass into the sprinkles, taking care to cover the honey/ frosting throughly.

Into the ice filled shaker, pour the vodka, creme de cacao, and half & half. Shake well until chilled through, and strain into shot glasses. This recipe makes 3 small (1 oz) shots.

Finished ShotTopped with whipped cream and more sprinkles, this shot is a sweet way to celebrate the birthday babe!

Who’s celebrating their birthday this month?

Photo of The Greyhound | Hump Day Treat

The Greyhound | Hump Day Treat

I simply could not resist the perfectly pink grapefruits at the market this week. A favorite breakfast of mine is a piece of toast, half a grapefruit with a little honey, & a cup of tea. I figured I could stretch my luscious fruit find into a lovely cocktail as well.

The Greyhound is a breeze to put together & the fresh squeezed juice makes it feel oh-so Summer-y.

So let’s get to it! You’ll need…

  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 6 oz Grapefruit Juice (fresh squeezed please)
  • ½ oz Simple Syrup (Combine equal parts water & sugar, heat until dissolved. Keeps in the fridge for a week)
  • Jigger or other measuring device
  • Rocks glass filled with ice
  • Cocktail stirrer or spoon
  • Slices or wedges of grapefruit for garnish

Photo of Greyhound IngredientsRound up your ingredients.


Into your glass, pour in the vodka, grapefruit juice, & simple syrup.


Photo of Stir & Garnish Drink

Stir well until everything is combined. Pop a wedge of grapefruit on the rim to garnish & get to sipping!

What fruits do you go to for cocktail inspiration?


Classic Rocks Margarita

Classic Rocks Margaritas | Hump Day Treat

I don’t like to play favorites (yes, I do), but if I had to choose a fave cocktail, the margarita would be going home a winner. It’s got all the right elements, I think, a cocktail should bear. Not overly sweet, bright & refreshing, and, most importantly, it’s got a serious kick.

I’ve closed out the year with margaritas. I’ve celebrated a beautiful summer day with margaritas (& my even more beautiful BFF). I like margaritas so much, my first (legal) drink was a margarita from Chipotle. I’ll never forget that first taste of the perfection that is eating Mexican food & drinking tequila.

So babes, it would behoove you to have a good-sized lunch to soak up all the impending tequila, because tonight we’re having margaritas!

Here’s how it’s done.

  • 4 oz Lime Juice (fresh squeezed please)
  • 6 oz Silver Tequila
  • 2 tsp Orange Liqueur
  • 2 oz Simple Syrup (Combine equal parts water & sugar, heat until dissolved. Keeps in the fridge for a week)
  • Chilled rocks glass(s) filled with ice (I used a wine glass, use whatever glass you like, it’s your cocktail)
  • Jigger or other measuring device
  • Cocktail shaker filled with ice
  • Salt for rimming the glass
  • Slices or wedges of lime for garnish

Photo of Ingredients

Gather your arsenal.


Prep your glass(s) by rubbing the rim with a lime wedge then dipping the glass in salt. Then, fill your glass with ice.


Into the shaker, pour the lime juice, tequila, orange liqueur, & simple syrup (I missed the shot of the lime juice going in, forgive me).


Photo fo Finished Drink

Shake until chilled through. Then, strain into your prepared glass(s), garnish with lime, & drink up! This recipe makes 2 drinks, so share with a friend… or don’t 😉

What’s your fondest margarita moment?



Malibu’s Most Wanted | Hump Day Treat

In 2003, Jamie Kennedy donned his B-Rad character for 86 minutes of pure laughter in Malibu’s Most Wanted. I’ve been down with the bitches & the hoes ever since. This movie is one of my favorites because it is just so ridiculous. If Nick Swardson’s character, Mocha’s full Burberry outfit (including bucket hat) isn’t enough to slay you, I’m sure B-Rad’s velour, lime-green sweat suit & matching “emergency stash” Coach coin purse will do the trick.

Photo of Mocha's Sick Burberry Outfit

All the characters in this film are brilliant, but I especially love Taye Diggs & Anthony Anderson as Sean James & PJ, the trained actors, and then as Blood Bath & Tree, the hard ganstas. I’m pretty sure my dad’s favorite part of the entire movie is when Taye Diggs proclaims he can’t go into the liquor store because he is “scared of Koreans”. Biggest laugh every time!

Holler Back, Player Gif

I considered cracking a 40 of Old English for this week’s Hump Day Treat, but that’s not a recipe. So instead, I’ve got for you babes a Malibu Cream.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 oz Triple Sec
  • 2 oz Malibu Coconut Rum
  • 3 oz Cream Soda (I made mine in my SodaStream)
  • Dash of lime juice
  • Highball glass filled with ice
  • Jigger or other measuring device
  • Something to stir your drink

Photo of Ingredients for Malibu CreamStart by rounding up your ingredients & filling your glass with ice.

Photo of 1 oz  Triple SecNow add 1 oz of triple sec.

Photo of 2 oz MalibuAdd 2 oz of Malibu.

Photo of 3 oz Cream SodaThen 3 oz of Cream Soda goes in.

Photo of Dash of lime juiceFinally, add a dash of lime juice. Because it was such a small amount (can’t even see it) I used the bottled stuff.

Photo of stirring your drinkNow stir it all up & drink it all down!

Photo of Finished Malibu CreamI hope you enjoyed this week’s Hump Day Treat & if you didn’t…

Don't Be Hatin' Gif

What’s your favorite part in Malibu’s Most Wanted?

Photo of Hump Day Treat | Cosmopolitan

Sex and the City | Hump Day Treat

Since my boo’s away, I’ve been indulging in some of my super girly favorites. First on the list, right after eating nearly an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies on my own, was Sex and the City.

SATC is one of my all-time favorite shows. It’s such a comfort & pleasure to re-watch the episodes. There’s something very interesting about watching a movie or television show (or reading a book) at different stages in your life. As I get older, the story lines affect me differently. I relate more to some characters versus others I used to identify more so with when I was younger. My personality grows & I interpret the scenarios & characters differently as well.

Because I own the complete series DVD set, it was an easy, quick decision to give Sex and the City another watch this summer. I’m on episode 12 of season 1, & Carrie is already totally neurotic about her relationship with Big, so I couldn’t help but wonder, is it time for a drink?

Gif of SATC YesFollow along at home to create the sexy SATC standard, the Cosmopolitan!

Photo of Cosmo IngredientsFirst things first, gather up your tools & ingredients. I chill all the ingredients (minus the citrus) & even place my glasses in the fridge 30mins before cocktail time to get everyone nice & crisp.

Here’s what you need to make 1 (good size) drink:

  • Cocktail shaker
  • Jigger or small measuring cup
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Triple Sec
  • Vodka
  • Lime(s)
  • Ice
  • Orange rind for garnish

Photo of Ice in ShakerTo get this drink started, fill your shaker with ice.

Photo of Cranberry JuiceAdd in 2 oz of cranberry juice.

Photo of Triple SecAdd 2 oz triple sec.

Photo of VodkaAdd 3 oz vodka.

Photo of Lime JuiceAnd for the final addition, 1 oz lime juice (fresh squeezed, please).

Now vigorously shake that puppy up. Remember: the colder the better! Pour the mix into your chilled glass. Twist your orange rind over top for a burst of fragrant orange oils & drop it in the glass.Photo of Finished CosmopolitanNow drink up! Responsibly, of course (that’s such a Charlotte thing to say).

Gif of SATC Drink Up

Which Sex and the City babe do you most identify with?