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February, March & April Favorites

I haven’t written a favorites post since January, because I wasn’t trying many new products. Now, I’ve collected some new (& old) favorites in the months past, so I’m giving you more of a seasonal favorites list today.

Here’s a look at some goodies I was feeling in February, March, & April!

Beauty Faves

Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask from LUSH

As you may have noticed, I’m a fan of LUSH’s Fresh Face Masks. But, sometimes they stink. This babe is not only a fabulous cleansing mask, but it smells of warm, sweet honey. The ground almonds in this mask are fairly abrasive, but if your skin is tough, it makes for a great exfoliant.

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 from Nordstrom

I’ve used this lip balm on & off for like 7 years. It’s always been in my lip balm rotation. I bought a new tube a while back, and wasn’t as in love as I had been in the past. Currently, it’s the perfect formula for my lips. I think it’s important to try products at different times in the year, or in your life. Something you’re not happy with in fall, could be perfect for you in the spring. It’s all about second chances babes!

Fashion Faves

A-Line Top from H&M

Stripes are everything. A good section of my closet is black & white stripped. So, when I saw this a-line top at H&M, I knew I had to add it to my collection. It’s a lovely relaxed fit, with a generous short sleeve. I also love the higher crew collar. This top is a perfect wardrobe staple.

Coquette Slipper from Ugg

My family sent me these as a gift and I cannot believe I survived without them for 25 years. I’d been needing slippers for some time. I just kept wearing my boo’s, regardless of the fact that they’re like 5 sizes too big, so I’m sure he’s as happy about these Uggs as I am. They’re warm & cozy like my Ugg boots, but in the ease of a slip-on.

Food Faves

Mini York Peppermint Patties from Amazon

I am so into Peppermint Patties as of a few years ago. I never liked them much before, but now I’m hooked. So for Valentine’s Day, I bought a themed pack of Mini Peppermint Patties. They’re such a nice after dinner treat because it’s like having a mint, but they’re chocolates!

Love Crunch Dark Chocolate & Red Berries Granola from Nature’s Path Organic

You babes know how I like my yogurt, and this new granola has taken my breakfast to new heights! This crunchy goodness is divine. If you’re a chocolate lover (of course you are) you’ve got to give this granola a try. It’s loaded with sweet cocoa flavor, dehydrated raspberries & strawberries, and little chunks of dark chocolate. I don’t even have to sweeten my plain greek yogurt when I add this stuff because it’s so rich and flavorful on its own.

Home Faves

Shades of Glass Waterlily & Aloe Soy Candle from Target

I purchased this candle as a birthday gift for a friend. I could not stop sniffing this bad boy while in the store, so I purchased myself a little votive in the same scent. Because the candle is soy, it doesn’t throw a huge amount of scent like a paraffin candle could. But, even when unlit, you can smell the sweet, fresh perfume from nearby.

Cup and Saucer from H&M

I feel like such a lady when I have my tea or coffee is this precious babe. When not in use, this cup & saucer lend themselves to my home decor by sitting perched on a stack of books in my bookshelf.

Personal Faves

“Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding on iTunes

I could not get enough of this song in February! (I’m still playing it). I love Ellie Goulding; her voice is that of an angle’s. I really like the whole Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, but this track is my fave.

A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley from Amazon

As I’ve been reading the most famous book set in every state, I’ve noticed a trend. I’m most draw in by books about families, specifically families who live on farms. Smiley’s novel centers on the dynamics of three generations living and working on the family’s Iowa farm. As you read on, more of the family’s past is exposed and it gets juicier and juicier. It’s truly an engaging read.

 What are some of your recent favorites?

Beauty, Fashion, Food, Home, Personal

January Favorites

January sure did zip by in a flash! It feels like I just wrote up my December favorites.

Here’s a look at some goodies I was feelin’ this past month!

Beauty Faves

Moroccan Smooth Perfection Blow Out Cream from OGX

What I like most about this product is that you can use it on your damp hair before you blow out your locks, or you can add it in to dry hair for frizz relief. This cream smells really nice and floral, and it doesn’t leave you hair looking greasy. Plus, it’s also a heat protectant, so there’s no need for multiple styling products.

Nail Enamel in the color Seductive from Revlon

That photo really doesn’t do this color justice. It’s a deep, rich purple that looks fairly close to black. I wore it twice in January because it’s such an easy, wearable color (if you like to wear dark nail polish). It also pairs really nicely with a lighter purple glitter polish over top. For New Year’s Eve, I wore it with this glitter polish from Wet n Wild and it was very festive.

Fashion Faves

Women’s Color-Block Sneakers from Old Navy

I’ve been shopping around from some minimal style sneakers for casual wear, but I hadn’t been able to find anything I loved at a price I also loved. My babe, Bekah, needed some new work slacks, so we headed into Old Navy. I spotted some clearance shoes and found these gorgeous burgundy sneakers. They were such a great deal, (reduced to $6 a pair!!), so I bought a pair in both the red and black.

Classic Tasseled Solid Scarf from Forever 21

The name says it all. This scarf is a perfect, classic option. It’s a good size and very soft. This scarf really makes a great addition to any wardrobe since it’s available in 5 different, neutral colors.

Food Faves

Dark Chocolate Truffles from Godiva

My boo ate all the milk chocolate truffles in about a week when I bought them last, so I opted for the dark chocolate ones this time round in an attempt to deter him from scarfing them all down. It didn’t work. These truffles are luscious chocolate wonders, and they make a sneaky late night treat.

WafflePro Express Waffle Maker M840B from Chef’s Choice

I had been wanting a waffle iron for a bit, and my boo’s parents picked up on that fact and gifted me this waffle iron for Christmas. I’ve already made blueberry waffles, banana nut waffles, and lemon poppy seed waffles. I can’t get enough!

Home Faves

Assorted House Plants from Lowe’s

I needed to bring some greenery into the apartment to liven up my winter spirits. I potted the green babes in various recyclables and one actual planter. They really bring the space to life and help bring some color to the white winter surroundings.

Personal Faves

Diet Doodle Diary from Amazon

Trying to stay on track with eating healthy and staying active is made much more fun with this diary. The book has charts for weekly food and exercise logging as well as fun activities for reflection and motivation. The adorable illustrations add a casual and comfortable element to the diary that feels very personal. If you’re looking for a non-human “buddy” in your health/fitness journey, I suggest you pick up a copy of the Diet Doodle Diary.

 What are some of your January favorites?

Image of Summer Shoes | The Look
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Summer Shoes | The Look

We’re well into summer, yet I’ve found myself in need of warm-weather footwear. How someone from southern California (I’m an Alaskan transplant now) can lack proper summer shoes is beyond me. I decided to take inventory & take action!

I assessed that I had the following footwear acceptable for summer:

    • cobalt flip-flops
    • white, feminine flat sandals
    • black, minimal flat sandals
    • leopard slip-on sneakers
    • nude wedge sneakers (I’m so hip hop)
    • leopard wedge sandals
    • orange/ fuchsia/ red heeled sandals

Now that may seem like enough options for a gal to get by, but that’s just it. Being a babe means you don’t just get by. All fashion decisions a real babe makes should be thought out & intentional. So I sat down & had a good think on the varying weather & occasions summer brings to see what shoes you really need.

These are the 6 types of shoes I believe a babe needs for summer:

01. A Flip-flop

Summer and swimming are so synonymous. Tell me you don’t picture a beach or pool when I say summer! You’re going to need a pair of flip-flops to stand up to all that chlorine & salt. I recommend Havaianas, they’re comfy & they last. These cricket green flip-flops are a very tropical option.

02. A Casual Flat

A good pair of flats is so essential for summer, not to mention pretty much every season. These striped denim flats are beach-chic. And these studded loafers are a fierce but neutral choice.

03. A Flat Sandal

The daily go-to, a flat sandal is the ultimate staple for summer. You can go as minimal or as blinged-out as you please. I purchased these basic black sandals from H&M & they are perfection. These Birkenstocks are effortlessly stylish & these Gladiator sandals are instant high-impact.

04. A Heeled Sandal

Every girl is entitled to a heel height of her choice. You don’t have to wear major platforms to be a babe. But, some summer occasions call for a dressier look, e.g. weddings. A nice sandal with a decent heel is a great match to a flowy, floral maxi that’ll make you look like a goddess, (but not quite as stunning as the bride, of course). These leather sandalettes, these sexy sandals, & these leopard babies are great selections, & these are some super funky wedges. A shorter, chunky heel is great for every day (plus a great way to sneak in a little more height). These cut-out sandals, these 90’s throwback jelly sandals, & these casual leather-look sandals are just the answer.

05. A Sneaker

Summer means outdoor activities. Every babe has a different activity level, so the shoe(s) you chose should correspond to that. I like 2 casual options, one being a slip-on for ease, the other a high top, as well as a pair of trail-runners or running shoes for those days when you’re a super outdoorsy babe.

06. A Rain Boot

Summer all year can be pretty wet where I live, so good rain boots are a staple for me. I’m madly in love with my black Hunters, but I wouldn’t be a respected Alaskan if I didn’t recommend you get a pair of XTRATUFs.

As we’ve seen above, I have a decent number of heeled sandals, but nothing really for everyday. So like a true millennial trying to solve a problem, I took to the internet! I visited my absolute fave,, & ordered some more (on sale) summer options. I purchased these ballet flats & these sandals. I also went to Target & purchased some chunky, low-heeled sandals for a casual outdoor wedding this past June. Normally I’d wear sky-high heels to a nicer event, but potentially un-level grass & celebratory cocktails is a combo I prefer to pair with a more stable shoe (God forbid, I wear flats to a wedding).

This is by no means the end all-be all of women’s summer footwear, but hopefully I’ve provided you with some guidance & inspiration. At the very least you got to check out some lovely shoes, right?

What are your summer must-have shoes?