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Yom Kippur Recipes

G’mar chatimah tova! Translation: May you be sealed (in the Book of Life) for good.

Yom Kippur is a time for fasting, prayer, and reflection. It is a time to look back on the past year, assess what you want out of this next year, and take the necessary steps toward that self-improvement.

What I would like to look forward to this coming year is more delectable meals. So to start the year off on the right foot fork, I’ve gathered some Yom Kippur recipes sure to make your break fast a scrumptious celebration.

  1. Perfect Roast Chicken from Ina Garten
  2. Chicken Kreplach from Tori Avey
  3. Noodle Kugel from Dave Lieberman

If you’re celebrating Yom Kippur, what are you making for your break fast feast?

Birthday Cake Shot | HDT

Birthday Cake Shot | Hump Day Treat

This week, my college roommate, my sister, & my boo celebrate their birthdays! Happy Birthday Mary, Ashley, & Nic!

To honor some of my favorite babes, I thought I’d make a delicious, festive treat. This Birthday Cake Shot is a rich & decadent drink perfect for a 21 and over birthday celebration.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 oz Cake flavored Vodka
  • 1 oz Creme de Cacao or Chocolate Liqueur
  • 1 oz Half & Half
  • Whipped Cream for garnish
  • Honey or Frosting for rimming
  • Sprinkles for rimming
  • Shot glasses
  • Shaker filled with ice
  • Jigger or other measuring cup

IngredientsPrep your shot glass by dipping the top in honey/ frosting, then pushing the glass into the sprinkles, taking care to cover the honey/ frosting throughly.

Into the ice filled shaker, pour the vodka, creme de cacao, and half & half. Shake well until chilled through, and strain into shot glasses. This recipe makes 3 small (1 oz) shots.

Finished ShotTopped with whipped cream and more sprinkles, this shot is a sweet way to celebrate the birthday babe!

Who’s celebrating their birthday this month?


Platforms & Midriffs: Celebrating Spice Girls Fashion

One of my oldest & dearest friends, Hannah Abrams, is the online editor for Technology Tell. She wrote a fun-tastic piece about the 18 year anniversary of the release of the Spice Girls’ first single, “Wannabe”. I figured I’d follow suit & spice up your lives with a Spice Girls inspired post.

One of the most captivating aspects of the Spice Girls phenomena was their fashion. Victoria always looked so chic & feminine. Mel C outfitted in athletic apparel was so fierce. Mel B had such presence in bold patterns. Gerri must have lived by the motto, “No pants are the best pants” (& so rocked it). Emma’s look was cute & sweet, yet still pretty sexy. These babes epitomized 90’s fashion & today, their looks are still coveted. So here’s my salute to the spicy pop stars of my babe-hood.

Image of Spice Girls Fashion01 Posh | 02 Sporty | 03 & 04 Scary | 05 Ginger | 06 Baby

Whatever you’re doing, stop right now (thank you very much) & snag these Spice Girls inspired pieces!

Who was/is your favorite Spice Girl?

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4th of July | The Look

Image of The Look GraphicYou’ve made your decor, curated your soundtrack, & planned your menu for Independence Day. Now, all you need is the perfect outfit (isn’t that always the case)!

Here are 4 red, white, & blue looks to ensure you look Star Spangled Bangin’ this 4th of July weekend!


Image of The Look | 4th of JulyBDG Americana Sweater Top Bra $34. from Urban Outfitters | AE Denim Shortall $25 from American Eagle Outfitters | ASOS DINO Flatforms $42 from ASOS | Riot Society Original Gangster Abe Raglan Tee sold out 😦 from Pacsun | Distressed Denim Shorts $25 from H&M | Wanderlust Slingback Sandals $14 from Go Jane | Aviator Flash Lenses in Blue $170 from Ray-Ban | Lady Danger Lipstick $16 from MAC | Cutout Embroidery Top $23 from Forever 21 |  MOTO Flag Front Hotpants $64 from Topshop | Madden Girl X Kendall & Kylie Biijou Sandals $50 from Pacsun | MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Large Selma’ Zip-Top Satchel $358 from Nordstrom | Flounce Layer Maxi Dress $17 from Wet Seal | Dolce Vita Open Toe Wedge Sandals – Shandy $179 from Bloomingdale’s

What are you wearing this Independence Day?



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4th of July | Party Menu

Image of Party Menu Graphic

Hey Party Babes! I don’t know about you, but I love any excuse to decorate, dress up, & entertain. Luckily, Independence Day is a very worthy excuse. So invite your crew over & warn the neighbors, because it’s about to get crazy in your backyard!

No one likes being held hostage in the kitchen while all the fun is happening outside, so here’s a pre-preped & grill-friendly menu of BBQ faves.

Chips & Dip • Punch • Beer • Hamburgers • Hot Dogs • Corn on the Cob • Potato Salad • Baked Beans • Green Salad • Jello-O

The Day Before:

  • Make this potato salad
  • Make these Jell-O parfaits, but hold off on adding the toppings

The Morning Of:

  • Make a boozy Sweat Tea punch
    • Simmer 1½ cups each sugar & water until the sugar dissolves; let syrup cool. Mix 8 cups chilled strong black tea, 1 cup each lemon juice & bourbon, & the syrup in a punch bowl. Add some lemon slices. Serve over ice. (Recipe via Food Network Magazine’s 50 Party Punches)
  • Make your favorite green salad
  • Make/ buy your favorite salad dressing (this ranch looks easy enough)

Right Before:

  • Put out cups, plates, silverware, & napkins
  • Put out the punch, beer, ice water (you’ve got to stay hydrated!), & any other drinks you’d like
  • Put out your favorite chips & store-bought/ homemade dip (I love Ruffles w/ Onion Dip)
  • Put out the potato salad
  • Put out the salad & dressing (serve the dressing on the side to keep the lettuce crisp)
  • Put out the Jell-O & top with Cool Whip & Strawberries
  • Plate your burger & dog toppings & condiments
    • The Classics: American, cheddar & swiss cheeses, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, relish, ketchup, yellow mustard, mayo
    • The Contemporary: crisp bacon, blue cheese, arugula, avocado, jalapeños, grilled onions, Sriracha, Dijon mustard, aioli


  • Dump your favorite canned baked beans into a saucepan & place on the grill to heat through
  • Grill the corn, season it to your liking (this sounds delish) & serve it with these
  • Grill the hamburgers (here’s a helpful video)
  • Grill the hot dogs
  • Toast the buns, if desired
  • Stab these into the burgers & dogs & let your crew dress them to their liking
  • Eat & drink too much in perfect reflection of American excess

And there you have it. Now hang your Star Spangled Banner, crank up your 4th of July Jams, & fire up that grill!

What else are you babes cookin’ up tomorrow?


4th of July | Soundtrack

Image of Soundtrack GraphicNo celebration is complete without the proper soundtrack, and Independence Day is no exception! Blast these songs as you primp, prep, & party this 4th of July weekend (even thought it’s only one day, we all know American’s love an excuse to get turnt all weekend long).


Here’s my totally groove-worthy 4th of July playlist:



For the lulz

  • American by Macklemore The Unplanned Mixtape
  • America, F**k Yeah by Team America Team America – World Police (Music from the Motion Picture)

There you have it! Now bust out that iHome & get down to these 13 America-packed songs; one for each of the 13 original colonies! #history

What are you listening to this Independence Day?