Sept Faves
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September Favorites

I can’t believe September has come & gone. Here are some things I’ve been loving this past month.

Beauty Faves

Fresh Face Masks from LUSH

I’ve been going low-makeup this summer, and these masks have helped make that possible. I find my skin looks so much healthier & vibrant when I regularly use these masks. My two faves this month: BB Seaweed & Cupcake.

Complete Salon Manicure in the nail color 315 Camelflage from Sally Hansen

I wore this polish pretty much all month. In fact, the only time I wasn’t wearing this perfect nude shade was when I didn’t have any polish on at all. It’s such a lovely nude for olive toned skin.


Design Faves

Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse is an app developed by Instagram that lets you record video and then speeds up the footage by 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 times to create a stunning time-lapse video. I can’t even tell you how many Hyperlapse videos I have of my cat.

Diplo Radio on Pandora

I like to listen to music when I work on design projects. The upbeat tempo of this station is so motivating.


Fashion Faves

Skort from H&M

Because I spent a good deal of September under the warm California sun, I needed a cooler bottom option. I found myself reaching for this skort constantly. It’s a great piece to dress up or down and the fact that it’s really shorts makes it a comfy pick.

Tapered Leggings from Forever 21

These leggings are my favorite bottom in my wardrobe. The pair I own are from H&M. Unfortunately, they are currently unavailable on their site, so I linked a pair from Forever 21 that look just as swell.


Food Faves


This may seem like an odd favorite, but I never really liked fresh blueberries until this month. It’s an exciting taste change that I’m fully embracing!

Everything I ate while in California

One of the things I miss most about California is the food. In-N-Out, authentic Italian & Argentinian food, and poolside ice cream are a few treats I indulged in on my visit. I’ll write a food post with all the mouth-watering photos.


Personal Faves

Literature- Hawaii by James Michener

Next on my reading list, Michener’s Hawaii paints a captivating portrait of the creation and colonization of the 50th state. It’s a hefty read, so I’m still at the beginning, but it’s a great read so far.

TV/Film- Season 8 of Trailer Park Boys on Netflix

My boo got me into this series when I first moved to Anchorage and I am so grateful. Trailer Park Boys is a hysterical mockumentary about the residents of a Canadian trailer park. The shit these boys get into never ends and it is so fabulous. The 8th season is viewable exclusively on Netflix and I highly suggest you give it a chance.

What are some of your September favorites?

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Pretty Pineapples: Celebrating Hawaii’s Statehood

55 years ago today, the stunning islands of Hawaii became this nation’s 50th state. I have nothing but fond memories of my time spent in Hawaii. Even these embarrassing photos of a 12-year-old me, thinking I was 2 kewl 4 skool are precious memories of a simpler, tanner time.

Of all my Honolulu happiness, visiting the Dole Plantation was the pinnacle. I had never given pineapples too much thought at that time in my babyhood, so seeing the golden sweetness sprouting up out of the earth was quite a sight. When I think of Hawaii, the image my mind first goes to is the precious little babe head of my sister, Ashley, popping out of the anamorphic pineapple cutout at Dole.

So to honor the charming state of Hawaii, I give you a collection of pineapple adorned wallpapers for your computer & mobile devices. [Click the images to open the full-sized wallpaper]

Desktop Wallpaper 1

Desktop Wallpaper 1

Desktop Wallpaper 2

Desktop Wallpaper 2

Desktop Wallpaper 3

Desktop Wallpaper 3


iPhone 4 Wallpaper

iPhone 4 Wallpaper


iPhone 5 Wallpaper

iPhone 5 Wallpaper


iPad Wallpaper

iPad Wallpaper

Where does your mind go when you think of Hawaii?