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Picnic Inspiration

Today is National Picnic Day, Babes! I for one adore a picnic. If it were up to me, every Sunday would include a relaxing picnic lunch.

To get you in the holiday spirit, here’s a look at some fabulous picnic goodies!

Picnic Food | Sunscreen | Terra Sana Rose | Solar RadioThermos Picnic Set | DIY Picnic Basket5 Combo Game | Beach Chair | Seat CushionFloppy Straw Hat | Cooler Bag | Croquet SetCat Eye Sunglasses | Flamingo Travel Throw | Beach Umbrella

What do you like to bring to a picnic?



Home Inspiration | The Kitchen

  1. I’ll Dry, You Wash Dishtowels $42 from Anthropologie
  2. Nut Case $8 from CB2
  3. Glass Creamer $13 from CB2
  4. Patterned Glass Pitcher $18 from H&M
  5. Bottle Stopper $6 from H&M
  6. I Woke Up Like This Mug $10 from Urban Outfitters
  7. Gemak Colander $10 from IKEA
  8. Gripande 2-Piece Salad Server Set $6 from IKEA
  1. Maelle Loaf Pan $14 from Anthropologie
  2. “Eat Me” Print $5 from Etsy
  3. Paper Eskimo Baking Cups $7 from
  4. Color Evening Set $26 from Zara Home
  5. Patterned Bowl $6 from H&M
  6. Metal Tin $13 from H&M
  7. Color Pop Cutting Board $16 from Urban Outfitters
  8. Krokett Glass $3 from IKEA
  1. Coq Au Vin Bottle Stopper $10 from Z Gallerie
  2. Kikkerland Magnetic Timer $12 from
  3. Gemco 12oz Juicer $5 from
  4. Dot Pop Dinner Plate $18 from Anthropologie
  5. Pantone Universe Classic Placemat $9 from
  6. Latte Bowls $20 for set of 4 from Anthropologie
  7. Lizzy Yellow Teapot $15 from CB2
  8. Threshold Ceramic Paint Dipped Butter Dish $10 from Target

Which color kitchen inspires you most?

Image of Summer Shoes | The Look
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Summer Shoes | The Look

We’re well into summer, yet I’ve found myself in need of warm-weather footwear. How someone from southern California (I’m an Alaskan transplant now) can lack proper summer shoes is beyond me. I decided to take inventory & take action!

I assessed that I had the following footwear acceptable for summer:

    • cobalt flip-flops
    • white, feminine flat sandals
    • black, minimal flat sandals
    • leopard slip-on sneakers
    • nude wedge sneakers (I’m so hip hop)
    • leopard wedge sandals
    • orange/ fuchsia/ red heeled sandals

Now that may seem like enough options for a gal to get by, but that’s just it. Being a babe means you don’t just get by. All fashion decisions a real babe makes should be thought out & intentional. So I sat down & had a good think on the varying weather & occasions summer brings to see what shoes you really need.

These are the 6 types of shoes I believe a babe needs for summer:

01. A Flip-flop

Summer and swimming are so synonymous. Tell me you don’t picture a beach or pool when I say summer! You’re going to need a pair of flip-flops to stand up to all that chlorine & salt. I recommend Havaianas, they’re comfy & they last. These cricket green flip-flops are a very tropical option.

02. A Casual Flat

A good pair of flats is so essential for summer, not to mention pretty much every season. These striped denim flats are beach-chic. And these studded loafers are a fierce but neutral choice.

03. A Flat Sandal

The daily go-to, a flat sandal is the ultimate staple for summer. You can go as minimal or as blinged-out as you please. I purchased these basic black sandals from H&M & they are perfection. These Birkenstocks are effortlessly stylish & these Gladiator sandals are instant high-impact.

04. A Heeled Sandal

Every girl is entitled to a heel height of her choice. You don’t have to wear major platforms to be a babe. But, some summer occasions call for a dressier look, e.g. weddings. A nice sandal with a decent heel is a great match to a flowy, floral maxi that’ll make you look like a goddess, (but not quite as stunning as the bride, of course). These leather sandalettes, these sexy sandals, & these leopard babies are great selections, & these are some super funky wedges. A shorter, chunky heel is great for every day (plus a great way to sneak in a little more height). These cut-out sandals, these 90’s throwback jelly sandals, & these casual leather-look sandals are just the answer.

05. A Sneaker

Summer means outdoor activities. Every babe has a different activity level, so the shoe(s) you chose should correspond to that. I like 2 casual options, one being a slip-on for ease, the other a high top, as well as a pair of trail-runners or running shoes for those days when you’re a super outdoorsy babe.

06. A Rain Boot

Summer all year can be pretty wet where I live, so good rain boots are a staple for me. I’m madly in love with my black Hunters, but I wouldn’t be a respected Alaskan if I didn’t recommend you get a pair of XTRATUFs.

As we’ve seen above, I have a decent number of heeled sandals, but nothing really for everyday. So like a true millennial trying to solve a problem, I took to the internet! I visited my absolute fave,, & ordered some more (on sale) summer options. I purchased these ballet flats & these sandals. I also went to Target & purchased some chunky, low-heeled sandals for a casual outdoor wedding this past June. Normally I’d wear sky-high heels to a nicer event, but potentially un-level grass & celebratory cocktails is a combo I prefer to pair with a more stable shoe (God forbid, I wear flats to a wedding).

This is by no means the end all-be all of women’s summer footwear, but hopefully I’ve provided you with some guidance & inspiration. At the very least you got to check out some lovely shoes, right?

What are your summer must-have shoes?