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Halloween Sweet Treats

To continue on with the Halloween festivities, I’ve got some ghastly good sweet treat recipes for you!

  1. Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops from Just a Taste
  2. Broken Glass Cupcakes from Martha Stewart
  3. Halloween Bark from Family Fresh Meals
  4. Poison Toffee Apples from Simply Delicious
  5. Strawberry Ghosts from Miss CandiQuick

What sweets are you making for Halloween?


Rainy Day Treat

The gloomy weather here has joined forces with my cold to create a supreme need for snuggles & comfort. With my fuzzy socks adorning my feet, I set course for the kitchen to fulfill my need for something warm to sooth me.


I knew I wanted a hot drink. Coffee? Tea? I’d been drinking so much of both lately. Then I remembered I had a massive container of cocoa mix stashed away.




I grabbed my trusty coconut milk and  hunted down my bag of mallows.

I made the chocolatey goodness in my new favorite mug & topped it off with a heap of marshmallows.



Bundled up in one of my coziest sweaters, I sat on my balcony, listened to my audio book of Gone with the Wind, and enjoyed my warm chocolate treat.

When the gloom hits, what’s your pick-me-up?