Herbaceous Cocktails

Here’s a look at some serious herbal hard stuff sure to get you into the TGIF spirit. Cheers!

  1. Rosemary Rhubarb Cocktail from Slow Mama
  2. Basil Jalapeño Margarita from What Katie Ate
  3. Black Beauty from One Martini
  4. Thyme & Pink Grapefruit Greyhound from  Freutcake
  5. Meyer Lemon and Sage Hot Toddy from Katie At The Kitchen Door

What’s your favorite cocktail herb?


Malibu’s Most Wanted | Hump Day Treat

In 2003, Jamie Kennedy donned his B-Rad character for 86 minutes of pure laughter in Malibu’s Most Wanted. I’ve been down with the bitches & the hoes ever since. This movie is one of my favorites because it is just so ridiculous. If Nick Swardson’s character, Mocha’s full Burberry outfit (including bucket hat) isn’t enough to slay you, I’m sure B-Rad’s velour, lime-green sweat suit & matching “emergency stash” Coach coin purse will do the trick.

Photo of Mocha's Sick Burberry Outfit

All the characters in this film are brilliant, but I especially love Taye Diggs & Anthony Anderson as Sean James & PJ, the trained actors, and then as Blood Bath & Tree, the hard ganstas. I’m pretty sure my dad’s favorite part of the entire movie is when Taye Diggs proclaims he can’t go into the liquor store because he is “scared of Koreans”. Biggest laugh every time!

Holler Back, Player Gif

I considered cracking a 40 of Old English for this week’s Hump Day Treat, but that’s not a recipe. So instead, I’ve got for you babes a Malibu Cream.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 oz Triple Sec
  • 2 oz Malibu Coconut Rum
  • 3 oz Cream Soda (I made mine in my SodaStream)
  • Dash of lime juice
  • Highball glass filled with ice
  • Jigger or other measuring device
  • Something to stir your drink

Photo of Ingredients for Malibu CreamStart by rounding up your ingredients & filling your glass with ice.

Photo of 1 oz  Triple SecNow add 1 oz of triple sec.

Photo of 2 oz MalibuAdd 2 oz of Malibu.

Photo of 3 oz Cream SodaThen 3 oz of Cream Soda goes in.

Photo of Dash of lime juiceFinally, add a dash of lime juice. Because it was such a small amount (can’t even see it) I used the bottled stuff.

Photo of stirring your drinkNow stir it all up & drink it all down!

Photo of Finished Malibu CreamI hope you enjoyed this week’s Hump Day Treat & if you didn’t…

Don't Be Hatin' Gif

What’s your favorite part in Malibu’s Most Wanted?