Who’s Hungry

Happy Monday Babes! Hope you had a relaxing weekend. Sorry I was MIA last week, but I’m back!

Here’s what’s cooking this week.

  1. Ravioli with Sautéed Asparagus & Walnuts from Green Valley Kitchen
  2. Chicken Enchiladas from The Pioneer Woman
  3. Fried Chicken from The Food Network
  4. Chicken Piccata from The Clever Carrot
  5. Chicken Souvlaki from Serious Eats

What are you making this week?


Who’s Hungry

Happy Sunday Babes! Hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Here’s what’s cooking this week.

  1. Vietnamese Inspired Chicken & Cabbage Salad (Paleo) from The Urban Poser
  2. Grapefruit Yogurt Cake from Smitten Kitchen
  3. Tuna Patties from Simply Recipes
  4. White Cheese and Chicken Lasagna from Tasty Kitchen
  5. Slow Cooker Beef Barbacoa from Unsophisticook

What are you making this week?


Capture | California

Foliage, flowers, food, & fun in the Golden State.

What subjects do you like to capture when on vacation?

Food, Seasonal

Valentine’s Day Goodies

Here’s a collection of sweet and savory treats sure to fill you (and your tummy) with love.

  1. A “Hearty” Breakfast from The Dating Divas
  2. Salad w/ XO Cheese from workmanfamily
  3. The Paloma from BS’ in the Kitchen
  4. Slice n’ Bake Valentine Heart Cookies from Lauren’s Latest
  5. Easy Mixed Grill from Better Homes and Gardens
  6. Valentine’s Popcorn from Gimmie Some Oven
  7. Roasted Heart Potatoes from Haniela’s
  8. Meringue Kisses from Bakerella
  9. Heart Shaped Caprese Salad from
  10. Cheery Cheesecake Shooters from The Pioneer Woman
  11. Love You Potpies from Taste of Home
  12. Sugar-Free Valentine’s Snacks from Two Kids Cooking
  13. Mozzarella Cheese Filled Hearts from Hungry Happenings
  14. Chicken Soup with Heart-Shaped Carrots from Sophistimom
  15. Spiced Pomegranate Cocktail from Honestly Yum

What are you cooking up for Valentine’s Day?


Who’s Hungry

Happy Monday & Happy New Year Babes! I hope you had a fun & festive holiday.

It’s the first Monday of the year & I’m pretty excited about getting into the 2015 groove.

Here’s what’s cookin’.

  1. Healthy Dark Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Bars from Half Baked Harvest
  2. Grilled Caesar Salad from The Candid Appetite
  3. Chickpea, Avocado, and Feta Salad from Homegrown & Healthy
  4. Curried-Chicken and Vegetable Pan Roast from Food & Wine
  5. Quinoa with Corn and Scallions from Just a Taste
  6. Baked Chicken and Orzo from Lemons for Lulu

What are you making this week?


Who’s Hungry

I’ve returned from my vacation in too-hot-for-this-babe California and I think the crisp Anchorage air has me thinking more clearly.

I’ve enjoyed writing these abbreviated weekly dinner menu posts where I just link a few delectable recipes. So, when my week is filled with only 3 or 4 home-cooked dinners, I’ll post the links to the few recipes I am making. When a week is brimming with at-home munching, I’ll post the full week’s dinners menu.

Please feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think about doing some of these shorter weekly dinner menu posts.

This week we’ve got a slightly Spanish vibe happening with…

  1. Chicken and Chorizo Rice from Food Network
  2. Chicken Pesto Sandwiches from Damn Delicious
  3. Chorizo Carbonara w/ Catalan Market Salad from Jamie Oliver

And for dessert, I’m throwing together some pastry using pre-made pastry sheets, almond spread, & fresh berries. I was massively inspired by the image below from Korena in the Kitchen’s post, Sourdough Danish Pastries, Part II, (but I’m all too lazy a babe to scratch make these treats).

Sourdough Danish Pastries

Sourdough Danish Pastries

What are you making this week?

Tuna Sandwich

Tuna Salad | Who’s Hungry

Who's HungryOne night when I was in high school, I went with a friend to her good friend’s home. We had a lovely time being gals & hanging out (acoustic guitars were in involved) but what I remember most fondly, is this delicious tuna salad we had. Dried cranberries gave it such a nice sweetness, and the celery added a terrific crunchy texture.

I’ve been making that salad ever since then & this afternoon when I was hankering for sandwich, I knew just what to make.

If you’ve got a taste for tuna, follow along!

Tuna Salad IngredientsYou’ll need:

  • ½ cup diced celery
  • ½ cup dried cranberries, chopped
  • ¼ cup mayonnaise
  • 8 oz tuna fish, drained

Chop your celery into a small dice. Then rough chop the cranberries. Mix to combine in a medium bowl or storage container. Add in your mayo & mix again. Lastly, add in the tuna & stir it all up until thoroughly combined.

Serve it up alongside crackers, heaped atop a green salad, or spread into sandwich for a tasty tuna treat.

How do you make your favorite tuna salad?